Unit 10: Recycling Time

For this unit you’ll be exploring the culminating ideas of SMPds106, remixes and mashups, the recasting of existing media into new forms by creative combination and editing. This will build off of your previous work in all media forms.

Some will debate the differences/definitions of remix and mashup. Remix is usually a creative edit of one form of media, such as the recut movie trailer below whereas mashups refer to the mixing of media content from disparate places such as by combining two songs to create a new song. Both involve the creative act of making something new from previous works.

The Shining Remix – the trailer is re-edited to change the genre from horror film to feel-good family movie.

Remix/Mashup Examples

Below is an assortment of remix/mashup examples:

30 Classic Music Albums Recreated with Lego

Cardboard Box Office (family recreate scenes from film and TV)

Peeje T Photoshops Himself into Celebrity Photos

Kel McKeown: Instructional Video (creating new sounds from recut instructional videos)

Remix/Mashup Assignments

Complete 8 stars of assignments from the Mashup Assignments bank. Your blog write up includes the key elements— narrative describing the ideas/inspiration behind the remixes/mashups that you created and also the details on how they were made (including credits/links to media sources screenshots if helpful in telling the story behind your work) and the appropriate assignment tags.


Unit 10 Summary

During this Unit you should have:

Completed 8 stars worth of Mashup Assignments and created a champion blog post for each assignment following the criteria used by ‘blogging champions’ and the appropriate tags.


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