Unit 3: Upper Storeys

The Shape of Stories – a blog post

Write a new blog post. Start by watching the video below from author Kurt Vonnegut where he describes the structure of stories. It’s a great overview about the shape of stories, and we want you to apply those ideas to a story you know. And take note of Vonnegut’s style of telling a story about storytelling – how he plays with your expectations, his use of pause, inflection…

After watching this video, write a blog post that explains a story that you’re familiar with in terms of Vonnegut’s approach. Pick a movie, TV show, book, poem, song, etc. The idea is to outline the shape of that story in a visual and descriptive form. Use some kind of media to do this, make it drawing or video or whatever you like. Be creative!

Here’s a bonus infographic where graphic designer Maya Eilam applied Vonnegut’s ideas to a number of familiar stories.

In addition, find an example of something you have seen recently on the internet or elsewhere that you might describe as a social media story, such as ‘that dress’. A social media story is a story about something that has happened on social media. It might also be a story that has been told using social media such as with Storify or other platforms and methods of telling stories online. In your post about the shape of stories include a description of what you selected and why you would call it a social media story (do not forget to link and/or embed).

Daily Creates

Complete at least three more Daily Creates this Unit. As always blog about them – embed the media you create wherever possible and explain your creations.

Telling Stories with Photos

In addition to the other Daily Creates of this Unit, complete a classic Daily Create exercise called Five Card Flickr Story (you can look at some recent examples here when it reappeared as a Daily Create on 20 September 2015). Publish your story as a blog post.

This task challenges you to tell a story with photos, but the photos you get are randomly chosen (based on tags in Flickr). For details about what to do, go to Five Card Flickr. When you have completed your story, tweet it with the #ds106 hash tag and use the embed code provided to publish it as a blog post.

Summary of Unit 3

During this Unit you should have published 5 blog posts:

An analysis of a story using Kurt Vonnegut’s technique and an example of a social media story

The documentation of your three Daily Creates

Your embedded Five Card Flickr Story.

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