Unit 9: Home Video

Video is a very rich form of storytelling and a dominant social media type. In this Unit you will focus explicitly on video storytelling.

Video Assignments

Your task for this Unit is the completion of 8 stars of Video Assignments.

All your video work should be uploaded to YouTube and you should write a blog post for each completed assignment in which you embed your YouTube video.

Focus on the storytelling aspect of your video making – do not get caught up in the technical points or making the video just for the assignment stars. Be very sure that your videos tell a story, that it surprises us, that it perhaps jars us, and that when you write up your blog post you are providing full details and context for your videos as a ‘champion blogger’. Think about the shape of stories we studied in Unit 3 and the audio in Units 4 and 7.

If you need free music for your videos, try the Free Music Archive.

All of your video assignments should include:

An opening title sequence and/or closing credits – make sure your video gives credit to all media sources.

Make good use of audio– keep in mind the lessons from your audio storytelling work– use of background music, sound effects, and/or foley.

Your blog write up includes the key elements— narrative describing the ideas/inspiration behind the video you created and also details on how it was made (including credits/links to media sources and at least one screen shot of your video editing screen) and the appropriate assignment tags.


Unit 9 Summary

During this Unit you should have:

Completed 8 stars worth of Video Assignments and created a blog post for each assignment following the criteria used by ‘blogging champions’ and the appropriate tags.


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