smpds106 welcome

Social Media Production ds106 [SMPds106]

This is an adaptation of The Open ds106 Course aimed at developing an online presence and exploring digital storytelling through units of study materials and creative assignments that can be undertaken at the participant’s own pace and convenience. This particular adaptation concentrates on The Daily Create and Assignment Bank elements of the Open Course to practice being creative using various social media and other production tools and to learn how to write blog posts like a champion.

There is an opportunity to connect your own work to others who might be taking part in various forms of ds106 participation by commenting on the work of others or sharing your work on social media. Your participation in this course is through the publication of a blog and the course consists of 11 Units. The deadline for the completion of the Units is 23:59pm Monday 22/01/18.


Unit 1: Foundations

Unit 2: Ground Floor Basics

Unit 3: Upper Storeys

Unit 4: Levels

Unit 5: Pictures in the Attic

Unit 6: Grand Designs

Unit 7: Upper Levels

Unit 8: Connecting Doors

Unit 9: Home Video

Unit 10: Recycling Time

Unit 11: Back in a Giffy